Incident and Operations Management

CCA OnSite

  • Alerting
  • Transparent Communication
  • Proven Documentation
  • Map-based Situation Picture
  • Incident management for ports or industrial companies

    Thanks to its mobile-first approach, CCA OnSite can be used particularly well in organizations where different types of incidents have to be coordinated by different experts. In the case of such an incident, CCA OnSite automatically alerts possible coordinators. They can coordinate the incident from anywhere – from home, on the go or from a control center. Thanks to the multimedia documentation and the live situation map, decision-makers working remotely can put themselves in the on-site position and make the right decisions.

    The detailed documentation of the incident and the processes help with the subsequent revision of the incident.

    CCA OnSite as an addition to existing incident management systems

    CCA OnSite complements existing incident or operation management systems. There exist specialized systems for many domains – e.g., railways – to support the specific processes. However, these usually do not provide powerful support for the interface between on-site employees and the control center.

    As a result, there are no uniform means of communication with the employees on site, and also a detailed documentation of the on-site processes and the incident itself and a map-base situation picture are missing. And last but not least these systems often do not provide means to securely store the sensitive image material that often arises during operations.

    CCA OnSite has special functions to support the integration with existing management systems and thus combine the advantages of both systems.

    Planned activities / maintenance work

    CCA OnSite is also well suited to improve the handling and traceability of planned activities, such as maintenance work. CCA OnSite ensures detailed documentation of the state before and after the maintenance work as well as the actual maintenance activity. It also enables remote decision-makers to quickly put themselves in the on-site position and, if necessary, to intervene or provide support. After finishing maintenance, CCA OnSite supports analysing the processes and communication in detail and to document defects during on-site inspections.

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