Control Center Apps GmbH (CCA) develops mobile solutions and cloud-based services for mission critical applications in the domains of Public Transport, Public Safety and Industry. CCA is a Frequentis spin-off based in Vienna and has been operating as a separate company since 2013.

With our products, we aim to make organizations more flexible. They follow ideas of Industry 4.0 / Rail 4.0 (Interconnection - Internet of Things and Internet of People, Information transparency, Technical assistance, Decentralized decisions), enabling organizations to act more uniformly or react more flexibly and faster to unplanned events.

The areas of application range from industry and transport companies, to airports, major events, crisis management, and the management of volunteer teams in disaster relief operations.

Of course we also develop tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Unite Inform and Unite Crowd Com

Products / Cloud Services

CCA OnSite (Reference: Hafen Wien – Port of Vienna and CFL)
Distributed Incident Management – allows all important incident management tasks to be done via mobile app, ranging from incident detection, alerting, coordination and control to documentation using a multimedia chat. A web application additionally offers situational awareness by providing a live map view of the situation.

Unite Inform (References: ÖBB, CFL and GKB)
Active distribution of situational information to your organization (customer information, operational, technical or crisis information). Easy traceability of updates. Multitenant capability.

Unite Crowd Task (Reference: ÖBB)
Ad-hoc identification of appropriate free resources for unplanned tasks. Supports team composition, team management and team communication.

Written Order (Reference: CFL)
Safer movement authorities for signalers - guides the signaler through issuing written orders. Considers situation, infrastructure and local circumstances. Documents the process.

CAPS (References: Frequentis, two international railways)
Cloud service for distributing, configuring, monitoring, and disabling app installations.

Customer Solutions / Individual Development

Personnel location in tunnels (Reference: SBB)
Locates persons and objects in tunnels; Handles of person movements (entering / leaving the tunnel, movements in the tunnel, splitting teams, perimeter surveillance, overview of team status, map display).

Mobile extensions for Incident Management Systems
(Reference: Frequentis)

Mobile communication for railway operations
(Reference: FTIA via Frequentis)

Train Tracker (current project for CFL)
Application for locating trains based on information from special tracking devices in vehicles and from IoT infrastructure along the track. Distribution of location information to other railway systems.

Emergency calls - NG911 / NG112
(Reference: Frequentis)

Access to analog and digital radio via smartphone
(Reference: Frequentis)

Success Story


“To ensure comprehensive customer information, it is important to promptly provide consistent information about deviations and disruptions to all staff with customer contact – both in stations or at InfoPoints.

Using their mobile communication system, CCA has managed to meet the demanding requirements of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. Also concerning the implementation of the system into the IT infrastructure of Austria’s largest mobility provider, CCA reacted quickly and flexibly to all challenges.”

Maria Theresia Engel
Head of Customer Information Management, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG


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