Incident and Operations Management

CCA OnSite

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  • Transparent Communication
  • Proven Documentation
  • Map-based Situation Picture
  • Security and Data Privacy

    Professional incident or operation management requires professional mechanisms for data protection and data security. Accordingly, data protection and data security are also very important in CCA OnSite.

    Authorization concept as a basis

    A detailed authorization concept allows to determine which user has which rights for what operation category. For example, whether a user is allowed to access operations, whether he is allowed to report new incidents or whether he can be active as a coordinator.

    Extended data protection functions

    If data protection makes it necessary or if an image or text contains disturbing content, additional access restriction can be applied for individual content. Then only specially authorized persons can access this content and it is only displayed on user request. Optionally, uploaded images are searched for faces and the corresponding areas are pixelated.

    IT security

    To protect against unauthorized access to operation data, communication between the mobile app or web app and the server is encrypted. All data on the server and in the database are only stored in encrypted form. A special feature is the CCA OnSite Mobile App, which neither trusts the sandbox nor MDM, but additionally encrypts all data.


    However, data protection and data security also mean being able to provide information about when which data was available or accessed by whom. CCA OnSite also logs this in detail using a special access bot.


    Important data must also be archived. For this purpose, CCA OnSite features automatic archiving storing both a machine and a human-readable, printable operational archive.

    See “How can you prove the processes during an operation?”

    Operating models

    But you don't want your data in a third-party cloud? Use the CCA OnSite operating models "SaaS, customer furnished cloud" or "on premises" and have full control over your data.

    Sounds expensive.

    But it is not!

    It's the new standard.

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