Incident and Operations Management

CCA OnSite

  • Alerting
  • Transparent Communication
  • Proven Documentation
  • Map-based Situation Picture
  • Reporting & alerting

    • Incident reporting via smartphone.
    • Automatic, category-dependent alerting, e.g., of coordinators, management or press office - via push and SMS.
    • Crisis mode for category-dependent expansion of the alerting contacts, e.g., an additional crisis team.
    • Automatic alerting of important events
      • change of the location description
      • upgrade to crisis
    • Alerts logged in the operation chat

    Communication & documentation

    • Communication via operation-specific multimedia chat
    • Operation documentation
      • pictures,
      • videos,
      • sound recordings and
      • textual observations
    • Mechanisms for improved position determination
    • Chat bot to document important events
      • Alert details (who through which medium)
      • Change of coordinator
      • Change of the situation description
      • Status change
      • Tracking activation / monitoring
    • Access bot
      • Delivery of content to devices
      • Read receipt from users
      • Download of content (pictures, videos, documents, ...)
    • Documents for employees on site
    • Integration of external content
      • Group calls
      • Events from external reporting systems


    • User tracking
      • without storage
      • only to be activated by user himself
      • transmission of tracking status and battery level
    • Drone position

    Map-based live situation picture

    • Positioned elements
      • location of operation
      • media (pictures, video, audio)
      • textual observations
      • staff position
      • drone position
    • Linking of map elements to context in the chat
    • Individual map configuration
      • Selection / adjust brightness of base maps
      • Selection / adjust brightness of different layers (Infrastructure, danger zones, ...)

    Data Protection

    • Detailed authorizations for each operation category
    • Automatic pixelation of faces detected in images.
    • Access restriction to confidential content
    • Data encryption on mobile app

    Drones live integration (option)

    • Drone position live in the situation image.
    • Drone photos immediately available via multimedia chat and live situation picture.

    Integration (option)

    • User directory
    • SMS gateway
    • External systems to trigger new operations
    • Provision of external data, media or events via messenger
      • radio messages
      • weather warnings
      • infrastructure events in the vicinity of the incident site

    Operating Models

    • Software as a Service / CCA Cloud
    • Software as a Service / customer furnished cloud
    • On premises
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