Discover the upcoming Unite Alert 2.0 features:

  • Improved incident situation map
    • Staff position
    • Position of observations
    • Drone integration (drone position and media immediately available)
  • Incident-specific media list
  • Special treatment of sensitive content
  • Privacy protection: automatically blur faces in pictures
Unite Alert 2.0 will be available from Q2/2020.

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In order not to disrupt railway operations, maintenance work in tunnels can only be carried out in short time windows which are planned well in advance. Strict safety regulations require every employee to maintain site records and document important processes. This paper documentation is very time-consuming and also impacts on the already tight schedule.

For now. - Since the end of 2018, SBB, Rhomberg Bahntechnik, Indoo.rs and Control Center Apps have been working on the implementation of a smartphone-based personnel location system.

This will make it possible to track the position of employees in the tunnel and to control and document important activities such as entering the tunnel or the team´s handover. The required safety protocols are also generated automatically.

This ambitious project makes use of the latest technologies available on the market, especially in the areas of location, cloud technology and mobile services.

To mark the end of a first pilot phase, in which the positioning system and a series of basic functionalities were successfully tested in parts of the tunnel construction, the final event of the pilot project was held on 5 June, at which the individual functions and technical background were presented to the numerous guests at various market stands.

Despite this success, the team still has a lot of work to do before the system can be rolled out with all its functionalities at the beginning of 2020 and, in a further step, made available for the Ceneri Base Tunnel.

Project Presentation at GBT

For the development of high quality, robust web and mobile apps, CCA has been using the functional programming language ReasonML since early 2018. ReasonML, also called "Reason" for short, was developed at Facebook for the Messenger web app where it drastically reduced the error rate.

CCA contributes to open source projects in the Reason ecosystem and has been the initiator of the new Reason bindings for React Native.

In his talk "A Mission-Critical ReasonML App for Railway Safety" at ReasonConf 2019, Christoph Knittel presented a web application for the railway sector that CCA developed in Reason:/

//www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/LDDMLgvNeCI?wmode=opaque&autoplay=1&rel=0Play Video

Hafen Wien

3 million square meters. 3 freight ports. Direct connection to rail, road and ship traffic. Direct connection to the refinery Schwechat. 1000 cargo ships per year – HAFEN WIEN represents a unique logistics hub in the Vienna area.

Of course, operating such an infrastructure requires a corresponding incident management. All possible incident categories, ranging from floods to accidents, must be dealt with in a timely, coordinated and documented manner.

Since the beginning of the year, HAFEN WIEN has been relying on Unite Alert, a distributed incident management system from Control Center Apps GmbH. The core idea of ​​the system is to allow all important activities like reporting incidents, alerting responsible personnel, coordinating the operation, communication, multimedia documentation and recording to be done via a simple mobile app. This enables the management of an incident from virtually anywhere and is not limited to an operation center.

Herr Lutz

"Whether it's a flood or an industrial accident: every type of incident requires coordination by appropriate specialists. It was important to HAFEN WIEN to choose a system that would allow the relevant specialist to coordinate the incident from his current location."Harald Lutz Head of IT Systems Engineering

After a short conceptual phase, Unite Alert was deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) within just three months and was put into production after a short trial period at the beginning of the year.

Read more about Unite Alert.

We relocated our office to the seventh district of Vienna. The new address is

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