Flood. The local authorities require the help of volunteers and NGOs. For better coordination, they share a Crowd Com activation code via Facebook. Volunteers install and activate the Crowd Com app. Now they receive spoken instructions and announcements directly on their smartphones. Unite Crowd Com makes it possible to track the reach of announcements in real-time. Volunteers can confirm having received the information. Then the control center sees the locations of those having confirmed the announcement on a map. A simple push on a button triggers a callback to a number transmitted with the according announcement to avoid blocking emergency numbers.

Get further information – also concerning railway- or airport-related use cases – on our landing page. There you can also request a free trial.

We will be present at the PMRExpo 2017 in Cologne from 28 to 30 November. Please feel free to visit us at the Frequentis booth C02 – we are looking forward to getting to know you!

Unite Crowd Com landing page


It was all about the digital transformation of the railways and Rail 4.0 at this year’s Frequentis Raildays. In front of 29 rail companies from 19 different countries, Control Center Apps GmbH (CCA) impressively demonstrated how clever mobile services enable a railway company to act more consistently, quickly and flexibly along with ensuring a more professional appearance.

CCA product line for a more agile organization

Distribution of situational information to staff members and partners in a comprehensible manner; efficient communication with coworkers and external actors via spoken announcements to smartphones; spontaneous setup and management of ad-hoc teams – for example to respond to crisis situations: These are the domains of the three CCA products “Unite Inform”, “Unite Crowd Com” and “Unite Crowd Task”.

They are available as cloud services, but also as self-hosted solutions, enabling a short-term, risk-free implementation in every railway organization. Thereby the customers benefit from CCA’s experience resulting from the deployment of mobile services at several railway organizations.

Download CCA’s presentation to find more details as well as an outlook to future extensions.

CCA presentation at Frequentis Raildays 2017


Inform all mobile and stationary staff about the current operational, technical or crisis situation. Ensure the professional appearance of your company. Enable your staff to take the current situation into account. Prevent rumors.

The landing Page for our product Unite Inform tells you more about our lightweight mobile service and lets you try it out immediately.

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